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     - A -
Abbreviated view format
   edit an Alert
   save search as an Alert
   view Alert results
Attachments, viewing
Auto-Cite® service
   browse results
   search using

     - B -
Book Browse
Boolean searching
 Browser Utility Tool
Browsing search results
   basic browsing
   get by citation
   Shepard's® table of authorities
   using tabs

     - C -
Case Law Summaries
Changing menus
Checking a citation
   using Auto-Cite®
   using LEXCITE®
   using Shepard's®
Cite List Overviews
Cite list view format
   Shepard's Signal™
Citation formats
Client validation
Combined sources
Command searching
 Common Search Segments
Connectors, search
Copy w/ Cite feature
Core cites
LexisNexis® Headnotes
Core terms
Court coverage dates
CourtLink Report
Customer Support
Customer Support, Support Center

     - D -
Delivery Manager
Docket reports
Document delivery
   FAST print
   printable version
Document navigation links
Download documents

     - E -
ECLIPSE™ feature - see Alerts
Edit search
Email documents
Enhanced Coverage Linking
Enhanced table of contents
 Error Messages

     - F -
FAST Print
Fax documents
FOCUS™ feature
   narrowing results
   with Shepard's®
forms, searching with
FREESTYLE™ feature
Frequently Asked Questions
Full Size Image Viewing Charge
Full view format

     - G -
Get a Document
   by citation
   by docket number
   by party name
   coverage dates
Guided Search Forms

     - H -
    More Like This Headnote
    Retrieve All
Help, using
Hourly billing
History, using
   viewing archived
   viewing today's
   viewing printable

     - I -
Images, viewing

     - K -
KWIC™ view format

     - L -
LexisNexis® Headnotes
Large documents, viewing
LEXCITE® feature
LEXIS® Case Law Signal
LexisNexis® research system

     - M -
Menus, changing
More Like Selected Text feature
More Like This feature
More Like This Headnote

     - N -
Natural Language search
Navigating to a specific reporter page in caselaw results
 New features/functions

     - P -
Patent images, viewing
Preferences (settings)
Print documents

     - Q -
Quick Search

     - R -
Research system, LexisNexis®
Reporter pagination in caselaw results
Retrieve All (LexisNexis® Headnotes)

     - S -
Save search as an Alert
 Search Tips and Samples
   edit search
   selecting a source
   using Dot Commands
   using Guided Search Forms
   using Natural Language
   using segments
   using Terms and Connectors
Searching by Topic or Headnote
   selecting a topic
   topics and subject IDs
   using Natural Language
   using Terms and Connectors
Segment searching
Semantic searching
Shepard's® Citations Service
   browse results
   Cite list
   search using
   signals in cite list
   Shepard's Tutorial
   with FOCUS™ feature
Show/Hide Hits feature
   LEXIS® Case Law
Signing out
Source, selecting
"Star" pagination in caselaw results
Statute formats
 Support Center
      Browser Utility Tool
      Common Search Segments
      Error Messages
      Search Tips and Samples
System requirements

     - T -
Tabbed Results
Terms and Connectors search
   connector order and priority
   date restrictions
   developing a search request
   proper names
   search terms, guidelines
   segment searching
   wildcard characters
View Printable Version feature
TOC view
Total Litigator
Trademark images, viewing

     - U -
Universal characters
Using tabs

     - V -
View formats (Cite, KWIC, Full, Custom, TOC)
Viewing Alert results
View Printable Version feature
Viewing very large documents

     - W -
 what's new
wildcard characters