Welcome to the LexisNexis® Research Services

The LexisNexis® research services couple the convenience of the Internet with the power of the LexisNexis system so you can quickly and easily retrieve information that meets your specific research needs. You can use the LexisNexis research services to conduct research in a wide variety of source material, including case law, statutes, and the world's leading news and business sources.

How does it work?

Generally, you select a source in which to search and then use a search form to provide words, phrases, date information, or citations describing the information you're looking for. You submit the search and, when the search is complete, browse your search results.

While browsing, you can have documents delivered using any of the following methods: a dedicated LexisNexis printer, an internet browser, email, or a fax machine. You can also use your browser's built-in functions to save or print search results.


For a quick overview of the user interface for the LexisNexis research services, click the "Take a Tour" Tutorial link in the Help Contents.


The major features of the LexisNexis research services are available from most pages, as described below:


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