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Getting a Document by Citation

You can retrieve any of the following legal documents by completing the search form as described below and then clicking the Get button.

Note:  Be sure you have the correct country code (United States or Canada) selected on your Options Page before clicking the Get button to ensure retrieval of documents pertaining only to your desired country's legal system.

If you know a specific citation (official or unofficial) for a particular legal document, enter that citation in the field provided.

If you do not know the correct citation format for a publication, click the Citation Formats link. Doing this launches a set of forms that guides you through the task of locating a publication's proper format, then provides you with a final form in which to enter a properly formatted citation.

Law school students only: Choose whether to view your results in "Full Text" or "Case Brief". "Full Text" view shows all segments of the document while "Case Brief" view provides a brief summary of the relevant points of law.

Examples of valid citation formats you can use when searching for case law text, law reviews, IRS rulings, or federal legislation, appear below. Click here to view additional examples.


When searching for a particular section of a statute or regulation, follow the examples below. Click here to view additional examples.



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