lexis.com ® Enhanced Content Linking Product Tour - Textual Version.

This Product Tour introduces Enhanced Content Linking feature of LexisNexis ® at www.lexis.com. A multimedia version of this tour is also available.

The Enhanced Coverage Linking feature provides one-click access to search additional LexisNexis products and content such as Company Dossier, Martindale Hubbell, litigation history, news and more.

This feature helps you expand your understanding of a case by linking to critical content directly from your search results.

A blue triangle at the end of a link in the text of a document indcates that the link is Enhanced Coverage link. Clicking on the triangle displays an Enhanced Coverage Linking box that lists additional searches related to the linked item. For example, if you click on a linked company name, the Enhanced Coverage Linking box might include searches for the company name in Recent News, Company Profiles, and Recent Litigation. To run one of the searches, click on the search name. The search results appear in a new window. To close the window and return to your original search results, click the X in the upper right hand corner of the window.

Search information from your Enhanced Coverage Linking searches is available in your research history. As with other searches, Enhanced Coverage Linking searches appear on the Recent Results tab, and then are moved to the Archived Activity tab. You can re-run the search from either tab by clicking the Re-Run link for the search.

That concludes the Enhanced Content Linking tutorial. Now you can:

A graphical version of this document also is available.

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