Case Law Display and Delivery Options Tutorial - Textual Version.

This module discusses how to customize the appeaance of your research session, and describes some delivery options. Once again, we'll begin at a search results screen.

Select the "Preferences" link. That displays the Preferences screen, where "Case Law Display" options let you display or hide any or all analytical aids in your display. Changes to these settings take effect during your current research session, and will apply to future research sessions.

To return to your research, select the "Set" button to accept any changes you made, or select the "Cancel" button to discard changes.

You can also customize how the opinion will appear when you print, fax, email, or download it. To do that, select the "Print" link.

You can choose to display Overviews, LexisNexis ® Headnotes, and the Case Summary in Cite, KWIC ™, and Full Views.

That concludes the Case Law Summaries and LexisNexis Headnotes tutorial.

Now you can:

A graphical version of this document also is available.

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