Enhanced Table of Contents (TOC) Sources Tutorial - Textual Version

www.lexis.com offers more than 1,400 TOC sources, such as:

Select a TOC...and browse. Select the "Plus" Icon to open a level. Select the "Minus" Icon to collapse a level.

Now there’s more! You can open and close multiple TOC levels at once (Patent Pending).

For example, select the "Code of Federal Regulations" to explore homeland security.

Before your multi-level expand pop-up will appear, you need to turn on that feature. Select your "Preferences" link. The Enhanced Table of Contents options are about halfway down the page. Select "Allow multiple level expansion" to activate that check box. Then Select the "Set" button to accept the change.

Rest your cursor on Title 6. The pop-up screen lets you Select and open to any level—chapters, parts, even sub-parts—in one step. Many TOCs are extensive, so item numbers for each level are shown. After opening levels, the pop-up box displays where you are and how to close levels.

You can also search the TOC and view only the portions with your search words. In this example, we'll enter search terms that find topics dealing with terrorists or terrorism. In the ETOC search box, type "terroris* OR antiterroris*," then select the "Search" button.

The results show every level where your search words appear. You can also refer to adjacent levels for context. This new view is called "TOC Hits." Each entry is a link. To open a TOC level where search words exist, select a blue “hits” link.

To try it. Select "Part 25" of Title 6, Chapter 1 to expand that level. To return to the TOC Hits view, select the "TOC Hits" link. (In full-text documents, the link is labeled "Return to Results.") Go ahead and select the "TOC Hits" link.

You can expand your TOC research by opening levels adjacent to your hits. To do that, select any black TOC link. You try it. Scroll down the page and select "Subchapter C" of Title 15, Chapter 7 on export regulations.

That concludes the Enhanced Table of Contents Sources tutorial. Now you can:

A graphical version of this document also is available.



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