Combined Search - Multiple Sources Tutorial - Textual Version.

This tutorial demonstrates how to add power to your research using the Combine Search - Multiple Source searching feature. It's easy - let's find out how!

First, use the source hierarchy to locate the sources you want to include in your search.

To select sources for your search, click the check boxes next to the source name. You can select multiple sources from anywhere in the source hierarchy, even on different pages.

After you select all your sources, you can create your search by selecting the "Combine Sources" button. The button is located at the top of the source hierarchy.

The Enter Search Terms form is now displayed.

A complete listing of the sources you selected is displayed toward the top of the page.

Enter your search terms as usual, and then click the "Search button" to run the search. The Search button is located on the right side of the form.

This concludes the Multiple Source tutorial. Now you can:

A graphical version of this document also is available.

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