Scheduling Alerts Tutorial - Textual Version

With the Alert feature, you can save any search and schedule it to run as often as you'd like to receive updated results.

The Alerts-ECLIPSE ™ secondary tab lists the searches you currently have set up as Alerts. To save a new search as an Alert, first run the search to display the results. Use the "Save As Alert" link on the Results page to save the search. If your search does not find any results, you can still save the search using the Save this Search as an Alert button on the No Documents Found page.

At the "Save Alert" page, enter a name for the Alert, in the open field labeled "Name". You can then select when and how often the search should run, in the area labeled "Frequency". You can also choose how the results are delivered, either online or you can receive them via email. Use the Notification option to have an email sent to you whenever your Alert has new results. This is especially useful if your results are delivered online. Once you've set the options for the Alert, you can save it by clicking the save button located at the bottom of the form.

On the "Confirm Alert" page, you can review your Alert settings. When you've finished your review select the Save button to confirm the settings and save the Alert. The search is now scheduled to run as you've specified.

Once the search starts running as scheduled, use the Alerts tab to view updates and edit your Alerts. From the Alerts tab you can display your updated results any time by clicking Update Now link. You can also edit the search schedule and delivery options, as well as the search itself by clicking the Edit link under Actions.

This concludes the Scheduling Alerts tutorial. Now you can:

A graphical version of this document also is available.



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